Friday, March 3, 2017

Using a Scrapbook stamp

Just a quick post to share a card I made which is quite big 6"x 6" using up the scraps. I have to admit that I am short of scraps!! I have just plain used every one up....

And here is my template, the large scrapbook stamp from Hero Arts:

I couldn't do it in one sitting though and I had to have patience to complete it.
I think this would look nice in pink tints too.



  1. I'm going to use this idea for a birthday card. I need to think it through, but would cut down the days of the week to include about three, including the person's birthday and go from there. Love this cute idea and I have calendar pages, never used and card weight..... perfect for something like this. I knew I saved then for some reason. Thanks!

  2. This is just wonderful! I liked Barbara's idea in a comment above me...Would be a neat idea for a birthday card!


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